Good to be home

I took this out my window over lightening filled skies as we neared home last night. 

We are back and it's good to be home.  With the initial homecoming, comes the mega greeting.  There is nothing like it when you've been away for a while.  Many people say that dogs have no sense of time.  But if you are on the receiving end of a home coming greeting after a week or more, you know that is not true.  When we FINALLY (travel day from hell*) got home last night, Elsa gave us quite the display.  Standing at the top of the steps smiling, head bobbing and waving with gusto.  This type of greeting is typical for Elsa but the intensity was different. 

The length of greeting is longer and each separate action holds more oomph..  From the squint of her eyes, the degree of lip curl and wave, it is clear that this is no ordinary greeting.  The typical greeting has within it, lightly squinting eyes, usually a one lip curl reminiscent of Elvis and maybe a mid-range wave or two.  Last nights greeting was filled with all of these but with larger displays.  Her eyes were squinted almost completely; but with her brow down as well.  There was no half smiles, this was a full frontal.  Elsa flashes her teeth so hard that it causes her to snort/sneeze like dogs do when they are playing with friends.  And the arm waving?  Well, it couldn't be any higher or she'd have been standing on her hind legs. 

As we made our way up the stairs to the landing the body wrapping began.  As you all know, Elsa has a full tail that I adore and it is times like these that give it more impact.  She circles us like a cat; leaving her tail to linger; touching whatever it is wrapping on us.  There is nothing like it.   A great deal of snorting can be heard as Elsa displays her sheer pleasure that we are indeed home. 

Having left her in amazing hands; our trip away was relaxed and without worry.  But there is still nothing like getting your hands back on your dog when you've been away.   As we settled in for the night in the wee hours of the morning; Elsa snuggled and sighed.  Ahhhhh, it's good to be home. 

* Yes a travel day from United hell. From one cancelled flight, more delayed flights, rude employees, poor service and an airport of filled with insanity; United Airlines will not be seeing us anytime soon.  Awake at 7:00 am EST for our trip home; arriving in California at 5:00 am EST.  Tired to say the least.  We will be skirting United like the plague at all costs.