I love gear

My red and white Canadian Maple Leaf carabiner has seen better days. 

"I love gear."  Well, let me rephrase that, I love useful gear.  I would prefer to get a great new carabiner over a lot of gifts.  Yep, not your typical girl; I love utility and the more real utility, the better.  Hence the great love I have for my very utility Xterra 4x4.  

Just recently my hubby and I took a trip into Cabela's.  Anyone who loves the outdoors knows and loves Cabelas.  I was in search of some new carabiners.  Why you ask?  I use carabiners all the time, although I do not purchase the actual mountain climbing, weight bearing; the ones that cost a fortune.  I buy the $2.00-$5-00 range ones that get old and worn so I need new ones all the time.  On our recent trip, Cabela's was a bit short on the my favorite type, the asymmetrical or pear shape with a solid gate.  

So we checked out what they had and we left with a couple of new types for my carabiner collection.  :)  I got the a two pack of very small S-biners with wire gates; shown below with my new really great small Cabela duffle bag.  

The orange wire that is attached can wrap around anything you want to hang onto which is very utility.  I may use it for my walking pouch to hold my leash while engaging in retrieving work.  

Along with my 2 tiny S-biners I also got a doohickey, yes really.  This doohickey has a bottle opener (very important), screwdriver, ruler, wrench and box cutter all attached to a wire gate carabiner.  It is a very useful tool to have around so it too will be going in my walking pouch; I may need another to keep in my Xterra.  

Some things that I use my carabiners for:

- Holding my flip flops when I'm at the beach walking dog/s.
- Holding a hand towel when frisbeeing.
- Hanging Elsa's water bottle on.
- Hanging Elsa's water bowl on.
- Hooking things safely in my Xterra.
- Basically hanging anything I don't want to carry on.

Hands free is important when walking your dog, hooking up or attaching stuff to other stuff is important for safety.  I have a couple of really large carabiners in the back of my Xterra; just to hook things to, so that stuff doesn't fly around.  Get yourself some carabiners, you won't regret it.  Let the clip do the work.