My fur-niece is 13 today

Today my fur-niece, Ruby turns 13. She is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and I have had the pleasure of photographing Ruby a lot over the years.  I want to wish her the Happiest Birthday on this day.  Ruby lives with my sister, her hubby and three kids (my human niece and nephews) in Canada; who are all at Ruby's beckon call.  I get to see her when we head home for a visit.  Just a couple of weeks ago we were back in Ontario to see the family and of course Ruby.  

Miss Ruby and I on our last trip home. 

This past visit back home, Ruby gave me the warmest welcome; she was acting very much like a puppy again.  She charged around like mad, crying and leaping on me as she ran by.  We had the luxury of being waken up by Ruby in the morning and watching her fall asleep after her big days at the cottage.  She is one of the sweetest girls I know and I am so fortunate to call her my fur-niece.  
Happy Birthday Ruby, looking good.  

Some shots taken over the years.  

Ruby with her ever faithful tosser, her Mom, my sister.  

This shot was the cover of a dog magazine.

Looking pretty great after being groomed by her Aunt on this past trip.    First Toller I've ever groomed.