Betsy's Law

A new law has passed for dog owners in New Jersey.  Betsy's Law will help to protect pets from unsupervised night visits.

Betsy's Law - Sadly like many laws, it takes a death to make it happen.

After reading the law, I of course wondered about the rest of the States.  I'm still looking into that.  I do know that most of the Veterinarians that I have visited in the past have not disclosed this fact to me.  Not only did they not tell me but when asked; they didn't seem to think it was an issue once we got to that fact.

When Elsa was spayed I asked.  I know that it is customary these days to keep dogs overnight when spayed.  But if no one is there to see if anything goes wrong, then what is the reason.  It makes no sense at all if a dog is ill enough to be at the vet that no one be there to watch them.  Far better that your dog be at home, being supervised.  So when they told me that Elsa would likely have to stay overnight, I strongly objected.  There was NO WAY I was leaving her overnight, alone in a crate.  No she was coming home where I could watch her.

If your dog has to be at a Vets overnight, make sure that there are attendants present.  If not take your dog to an emergency facility that has overnight staff.  Our little Jack Russell was moved to a facility that had around the clock staff when she hit with auto-immune disorder.  When Luke had a strange bout last year I rushed him to the ER where they took him back and started on his vitals immediately.  Even if it had been 5:00 I would have still gone to the ER in case he had to stay overnight. 

If all State Veterinarians are not legally forced to disclose this, ask.  Ask in a way that there is no way around getting to the truth.  Always ask, knowledge is power.  Power can you the choice of making the right decision.