Did you have a good weekend?

Elsa showing off her "manners,"

We had a great long weekend and now it's back to business.  Much of the weekend was spent catching up on some needed rest and family.  Saturday, Elsa had her best friend over for a visit. It was a great visit for her and us with one of my best friends as well.  I drove down to San Diego to spend Sunday with my daughters who are both expecting very soon.  Then Monday started off with a great run for Elsa; then an intense workout for my hubby and I.  Monday late afternoon we hit HomeGoods to pick up a little extra little fall decor.  It was there I found the topic for this blog.  And finally yesterday my husband and I celebrated our 31st anniversary.  A full weekend and now it's over.  

So we were at HomeGoods on Monday afternoon where we spotted a little schnauzer with her owner.  First off, the dog was wandering around on an extension leash, yes.  The rule at HomeGoods is that the dog can come in but must be in a cart; which is a very reasonable request.  This little dog was roaming freely at the end of it's leash; around corners and tangling up other customers.

As much as I love dogs, and you know how much that is, DON'T DO THIS.  Why?  Because it gives dog owners a bad name, that's why.  Not only did these people not give others any regard as to their canine likes and dislikes; they were just pushing it as far as canine etiquette goes.  Their little dog also peed on the floor.  Yep, they poured a bit of water over it and then left the store.

I love dogs, I ADORE DOGS; but I hate when people do things like this.  It is just completely rude.  Just because you love your dog does not mean that others do.  Keep your dog to yourself!  Honestly, I was left shaking my head at these folks who had no regard for others.  I have seen many dogs in HomeGoods, mostly in their owners cart where they are suppose to be.  There was a huge German Shepherd in the store wandering around one day; the dog was not in a cart and I was shaking my head then also.  Obviously none of the store employees wanted to step up and say something.

There are right and wrong things to do with dogs; forcing others to put up with your dog is a big no no as far as I am concerned.   I really hate seeing people give us dog lovers a bad name.  Honestly.