Yep, still hot.

Fresh out of the shower.  

This  morning when I went down to get my coffee; I reached for the door handled and held my breath.  I was hoping that when I opened the door and stepped into the backyard; that I would be hit by a wonderful coolness in the air, nope.  Not happening, not yet.  Yep, it's still hot.  "Really?" I thought to myself; then calculated when this started.  It's been over a week now straight, not cool, not cool at all.  So it will be another indoor day.  

Elsa and I will get out for a walk early.  Then I plan on giving her a haircut before it heats up too much.  She had a bath yesterday and had her feet and face shaved.  I don't shave her face and feet too often because I think that hair protects both her feet and face from injury and perhaps bee stings.  But every once in a while it needs doing for sanitary reasons.  So off it came.  A poodles coat never stops growing so it has to be done; that or she might look like a Komondor dog.  Of course when I searched for the link of a Komondor I had to keep looking.  I can't imagine keeping a dog in a coat like that and wondered what they look like with a haircut.  Well here is a link, not quite like a poodle but a whole lot better than a matted mass of monster hair.    In my opinion they should be shaved; and I don't care what tradition says about it.  Why torture a dog to carry around that amount of matted coat?  

So Elsa will get her haircut today.  She does not get shaved bald, she is left with about 3/4 " of hair.  Enough to protect her from the sun and keep her warm if it ever does cool off at night.  Hopefully we will soon be seeing nice 50 degree nights.  For over a week now we have been using an extra portable air conditioning unit in the bedroom.  It is either that or no sleep with the temperatures barely leaving the 80s.  

Have a great day, and wherever you are, stay cool.  :)

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