Just Dogs with Sherri update

Good Monday morning.  Last week was a very busy one with lots of great things happening.

#1 - I'm a Grandma; which is about the most exciting news ever.  Yep, a new Grandma to an adorable little man.

#2 - I got to visit with my sister and brother in law which is always a highlight in my life.

#3 - My dog related bohemian bracelets at Sherri Lynne Designs are really making a splash, and

#4 - I'm working on an exciting new project.

Oh and I got a new washer and dryer, woooohooooo.  :)

A busy week also brought with it some horribly hot weather.  That has meant out in the early hours of the morning and then hunkering down inside for the rest of the day.  I'm hoping that the horrid weather will break this week.   As a northerner I am not a fan of temps in the high 90s and into the 100s.  Give me a 65 degree day with a breeze, and I'm a happy camper thank you very much.

Elsa and I have been checking out some new, cool dog products that I hope to share over the next couple of months.  We love to try innovative dog products that make the whole dog/human relationship even greater than it already is.

I cannot believe how many puppies are out there right now.  With all of my FB groups I'm seeing a whole lot of new babies.  If you are one of the lucky ones who have a new canine family member, my book is a great addition.  Feedback for you and your dog is just for you.  It is also available on Amazon in both paper and ebook version.  As for us, we are hoping for a new canine addition in the new year, I can barely wait.

Just a short update for this morning, many, many, many things to get done today.  Have a great week.