Holidays and activities

Some much needed rest. 

We are through Christmas and nearing New Years.  I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.  Elsa had a busy one.  We had a houseful of family, both human and fur.  Everyone was home for the holidays with two new Grandbabies.  It was wonderful.  Elsa is exhausted.

The days were filled with so much stimulus that she was awake the entire time.  Elsa is the kind of girl who cannot sleep if anything is going on; so by midday I could see her sort of starting to pass out.  By bedtime she was more than ready.  

One night she displayed a level of intelligence that I had to laugh at.  We were all in the family room watching a Christmas movie; when she got up off the couch and went outside.  She came in after peeing and went upstairs to bed.  She didn't come back down so I went to check where she was.  I found her, curled up on the pillows on the bed.  She was out, really out.  

Luke use to take himself to bed as well, he loved bed time.  But the fact that she went out first was what I had to laugh at.  Watching her clear and intended motions, she obviously had a plan.  She never checked on us when she came back in, she head straight upstairs.  What a girl, what a smart girl.  

Holiday season can be exhausting.  Making sure that we all get enough sleep is important.  For some, sleep around activity is difficult.  She's catching up.  

Have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve and New Years Day.  See you in the New Year.