Driving lap and window dogs.

Unhooked from the xterra and hooked up for the beach.

As I sat at the red light, I turned to see the dog in the car on my left.  An adorable white miniature poodle mix sat on his owners lap in front of the steering wheel.  I cringed and wanted to yell over to her,  "not safe, not safe at all."  Sitting on your lap while you drive is probably one of the most dangerous places that your dog can be.  Oh I know, he loves it, he will only sit there and no where else.  Well there is where he may lose his life.

Just imagine for a second; what happens when you are hit or hit someone else.  Even if you have to jam on your breaks and you are pushed towards your steering wheel.  Between you and the steering wheel is nowhere for your dog to be.

Hanging out the window is also not where they should be; yet how many dogs do I see hanging precariously out of the car window?  Some are so far out the window that if their owner pushes the brakes at all, they are going out.  Elsa and I have walked down the street beside cars with dogs who are almost all the way out as they throw at fit at her.  It is an unnerving feeling imagining the dog jumping out.

There are things that dogs love to do that are not wise or safe.  It is our job as their guardians to keep them safe and out of harms way.  So, your lap is not where your dog should sit when travelling.  They should also not be hanging out the window.  

Two of the most dangerous places a dog can sit it where I typically see them.  On the drivers lap or hanging out the window.  If you have a dog and allow either, stop.  

Not only can your dog fall out of an open window if it is down too far; they can also get foreign objects in their nose or eyes.  It is one thing to open a window just a few inches so that your dog can smell where they are.  But it is entirely different when you allow their whole head out when driving.  In fact I often wind the windows down, just enough to let Elsa know we are headed to the beach or specific destination that I know will excite her.  

When you are driving with your dog, keep them off of your lap and out of the window.  Think of them as you would your child safely buckled in or restrained by a secure containment gate.