Sherri Lynne Designs

I thought that I would talk about my newest passion today; my line of comfortable, wearable jewelry.  

Sherri Lynne Designs

This came about after many years of wanting to give dog lovers a way to wear what they love.  :)  There were many mock up designs and hours of pondering before I settled on these personalized brass plate and silk custom bracelets.  

Subsequently, Sherri Lynne Designs was born.  I wanted something that was so comfortable, that you could wear it everyday; and these are just that.  I typically have one, two or more on daily and they have been through a lot already.  I'm not careful with them; they get wet and go with me wherever we happen to be in a day.  

My criteria for my own jewelry is comfort.  If it gets in the way or is uncomfortable, I won't be wearing it.  Of course there are some things saved for "special fancy times" but these are not that.  These can be piled high along with your favorite sweat or yoga pants.  

I have many bracelets and designs pre-made and available on my site but personalized ones can be ordered at any time.  Many different colors of silk ribbon are available and you can choose what your bracelet says.  Wear your favorite breed, your own dog, your canine activity or passion of any kind.  My own go to bracelet is the white one pictured above.  Each time I put it on, I smile.  

My passions are family, dogs and working out; so many of my pre-made designs revolve around these.  Hashtags are very popular.  

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The sky really is the limit as far as personalizing.  Wear your passion.