Dogs beginning with 'A'

So many dogs.  As a professional dog photographer; I have shot a lot of dogs over the years. Many of my photos ended up on the cover of a canine magazine.  Sadly most of the magazines are now gone; having been replaced with internet content. 

Meeting all of the dogs and their person was a huge perk of this job.  Hearing stories about each and getting to know the dogs was wonderful.  I thought I'd share some of the dog photos from over the years with you.  There are literally hundreds and hundreds of them.   

Because there are so many images; I've decided to do display them by alphabet. 

I fell hard for this boy; he was a gorgeous inside as he is out. As a photographer, site hounds are like art with feet.   Afghan Hound.

This Airedale Terrier was pistol.  Sweet and friendly but ready to dive into the pond and chase the ducks in a heartbeat. 

I always feel honored to have met each and every dog that I shoot.  This Akita was friendly but astoic sort of guy and huge in size. I also got to meet and play with his beautiful daughter.

What can I say about this little man?  He had just joined his new family when they allowed to shoot him.  He was as cute as they come; an adorable little mischievous puppy. In fact he was so cute that he is the cover of my puppy training book.  Feedback for you and your dog.  Alaskan Malamute.  

Australian Cattle dog

Passion and drive.  I could have watched this guy all day long.  He reminded me much of my girl Tilley back then.  What a great dog and fun shoot.  Australian Cattle dog.  

Shooting for a magazine and private shoots is entirely different.  Many shots were taken like the one above; specifically for the cover of a magazine.  There had to be room left at the top for the name of the magazine and room on the left for all the magazine contents.  On this shoot I got to meet this gorgeous guy and his brother.  Australian Shepherd.