The loss of a canine

All are now gone but still very much in my heart and memories. 

I am working on a canine loss book.  It is nearing completion and I hope that it will be out this year.  It's not an easy write but it is most definitely healing.  I had a moment just the other day that I thought I would share with you.  It is has a place in my book as these points in life are so very important.  


I looked up at the television screen as I waited in line for my turn at the cash.  Horrendous tornadoes were hitting Kansas and I was quickly drawn back in time to Oklahoma.  Without a conscious decision of my own, I was taken back four years.  Standing in the parking lot in Oklahoma City, I remembered.  These are the moments that will fill many years after a loss; if not the rest of your years here on earth.

I let it come; you must let these moments in.  Let them in and ponder on them.  I stood waiting my turn near tears; but pushed them down as I often do.  I didn’t want to start crying while standing in line, in public.  So I thought about her, my little Jessie that we lost in Oklahoma over four years ago.


Writing this book has been very helpful for me.  Our family has lost three of our canine companions in four years.  Two were lost only a couple weeks apart; which was nearly the end of me.  Loss is a difficult thing and something that we all deal with differently.  I hope to help those who are having a difficult time with a loss or just want to know how others deal with a great canine love loss in their life.  

I have written many books over the years and if you are interested in reading a crazy story that is my life you can get them here. These two books are the first ones listed in my book store.  

And Back Again

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