Facebook GO LIVE for Canine Q & A

Elsa and I have had a couple of GO LIVE Q & A sessions now and will continue as long as the questions keep coming in.  I gave it a try a couple of weeks ago and after a few glitches as far as "getting it;" we've pretty much figured it out. 

I am holding these Q & A sessions every Thursday at 5:00 PST over at my Just dogs with Sherri Facebook page.    So far each has lasted about an hour and I planned to cap them off at an hour each week.  That is of course unless I have a serious answer in the midst at the hour mark.  

What can you expect at one of these Q & A sessions?  Answers.   I will answer questions asked about grooming, behavior, training, feeding, nutrition, walking your dog and just about anything else related to dogs. I will also speak about issues that are of interest to me at the time of the session.  Last week I talked a lot about feeding because I have been doing some live "meal prep" for Elsa as well.  

To join along you simply have to be there when we are live.  I have had some questions after the live session but will not be answering after the live feed is down.  

I have heard that if you "subscribe" to the live feed then you will be notified when I am going live so that you can ask questions during the live feed.  

Elsa and I only have one scheduled "go live feed" but we often hop on during the day if we are doing something that I think might be interesting.  Elsa is always in attendance for the feeds and pops in and out whenever she feels like it.  

I try to answer everything that I can during the "go live" but there will be questions that are more in depth and need a much more precise answer.  Anyone looking for more extensive solutions may be interested in my online consultations.  

Where:                 Just dogs with Sherri FB page
When:                  Thursdays at 5:00 PST
What to bring:     Questions, pad and pen, cup of tea, glass of                                      wine (it is 5:00 in CA) etc.  

Hope to see you there.  :)