Exciting new stuff at Just Dogs

Things have been quiet on here for a while; but that's because there is lots of exciting stuff happening at Just Dogs with Sherri for 2017.  My new website was started and got up and running this year, we got a Poodle Grooming at Home with Sherri video course done and released for purchase, published my eighth and favorite of all of my books - Moving Through The Loss Of Your Canine Companion.  

We added skype consultations to the email consults which were already available on the old site.  I love the skype consults because it is so much more personal.  Plus there is a new click and get help immediately video on House training.  

So even though it's been quiet, I've been busy behind the scenes getting stuff ready for more releases.  I don't want to let the cat (or I should say "dog") out of the bag yet but there is lots coming in 2017.

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As always I love to hear from you all.  Please feel free to leave comments and/or email me.