Heartbreak, loss

The canine love of my life, Luke.  

The canine love of my life, Luke.  

There are many things in life that will leave you with a broken heart; one of those things is the loss of your canine companion.  

After losing Luke, my canine companion of 14 1/4 years I was devastated.  His loss was by far the worst I had ever suffered; leaving me  compelled to write a book on canine loss.  The sadness can come before the loss and after; lingering for months or years even.  Often the best help can be in the form of an understanding ear; someone who's been through it and clearly grasps your sadness and pain.  

Sadly, most of us will have to deal with the loss of our companion at least once in our life if not over and over again.  Dogs do not live long enough; although they fill their short life with so much giving.  The amount of joy and love that they bring to us makes it easy to see how they leave such a massive hole in our hearts when they are gone.  Sometimes it is more than we can bear, and we need help to move on.

Knowing when to let our beloved canines go can be the starting point of a downward spiral.  No one ever wants to make that type of decision but it is often ours alone to make and we must.  The last act of love that we can ever give to our much loved dog.  A step to help them to skip over pain and suffering, moving onto what comes next in peace.  This stage can also call for an understanding ear, someone who has been there before.  

The end is all about our dogs.  It brings with it much suffering for us but it is their life that is ending.  It should be all about them and that is how the best decision are made.  When you can step away and see what your dogs life truly entails.  Then it can be clear and easier to do what you must.  

Just the mention of Luke often brings a tear to my eye; but it is now accompanied by a smile.  A memory that has been left in my heart to draw upon when needed.  Sure I'm still sad but there are so many great memories to sift through; that there are far more smiles now than tears.  

"Moving Through The Loss Of Your Canine Companion" was written out of a need to share.  I know that there are so many others who have suffered like I did with his loss.  And, I wanted to help those who have yet to deal with loss; are dealing with it now or will be soon.  The book is written for anyone with a dog; because we all will face loss one day.   

We will all have to deal with the sadness that comes with losing a canine companion.   Moving through it to where the happy memories are stored is the goal.  That is where they spend the rest of our lives with us, our heart.

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