Researching a new canine family member

Photos prove nothing.  People steal photos all the time.  

Photos prove nothing.  People steal photos all the time.  

I want to write about what I've been experiencing lately.  With new canine companion acquisition for our family on my "to do list;" I've been looking and looking.  Along with breeder research I have begun to check out rescues and re-homes.  I want to discuss what I have discovered while looking for a second hand dog via private re-home.  

Researching canines looking for a new home; I have learned that not all are on the up and up.  Expanding my search, I landed on many different sites that listed re-home dogs.  After contacting several listing that caught my attention, I was once again disappointed.  People.  Money, money is what it came down to.  Did the dog even actually exist?  I will never know, because I will not send money to these people. 

I contacted a few via email; asking all the right questions with regard to the dog that they had listed.  A young puppy, older puppy and young adult were listed on separate sites but they all revealed the same results.  Sketchy answers.  No real information was shared but a clear request for funds was demanded.

Two people that I spoke to wanted to just send me the puppy once I'd paid.  They started out with a seemingly heartfelt need to find a great home; someone who would love the puppy that they needed to re-home.  Before long, a few back and forth emails, and they were willing to ship to me site unseen.  When I pushed to go visit the puppy and meet them I was given a story that they were busy, busy, too busy. If I wanted the puppy they would ship to me.  Anymore pushing from me to see the dog ended the conversation, done.  

Another person I contacted only contacted through a few word sentences.  They would not disclose any real information about the dog or why it was being re-homed.  If I wanted the dog, send money.  Hmmmmmm?

Intrigued and dismayed by my discovery I dug in further.  I searched for more alleged re-homes.  What I found was more of the same.  Yes there are unscrupulous people out there.  Folks who are looking to get your money with nothing in return.  I do know that there is a big criminal aspects now in stolen dogs being resold.  Were these stolen dogs or did the dogs even exist?

Just a few weeks ago my son had someone try to scam him out of money.  A common scam when selling things online.  Luckily I'd read about the scam and let him know.  This puppy/dog re-home seems to be the same sort of scam.  Send money and then wait for your puppy to arrive...

Do your research.  There are legitimate re-homes out there; sadly there seems to be far more scams.  Research, research, research.