RAW food and much more


I was in the Toronto area recently for a visit with my sister and her family.  When we were there she thought that I'd enjoy a trip to the local Raw food supplier just around the corner from her.  Boy did I.  

Upon entering the building, this is who we were greeted by.  

An eight month old  Leonberger  with her Great Grandmother.

An eight month old Leonberger with her Great Grandmother.

The place was bustling.  People coming and going; employees filling freezers and customers leaving with boxes of fresh meat products.  Canine guardian clents were chatting with the owner and handing over lists to the staff to fill.  

As my sister and I wandered around looking at the stacked shelves a very knowledgeable employee asked us if she could help.  Bonnie (my sister) explained her 15 year old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers medical issues.  We were then told that the owner would help us as she had a wealth of knowledge and experience about such issues.  

Lori and Ed Dzingala own Heronview Raw and Natural Pet Foods.  Their website can be found at www.heronviewrawandnatural.com

Lori finished up with another customer and came over to talk with my sister.  She is a wealth of knowledge with regards to feeding and using natural supplements.  I wish I had a place like this down the street from me, I'd be a regular.  


My sister who is taller than me is easily dwarfed by this eight month old.  



I was alternating between watching the staff fill orders; boxes overflowing with bones, frozen cubes of raw food, supplements, chews and the three Leonbergers wandering about.  You can't miss a Leonberger, they are HUGE.  As a canine behavior specialist I loved watching the young eight month old interacting with the older dogs and people.  She had an amazing temperament but was clearly a puppy as she tried to nibble on my down jacket and pestered her elders.  She was adorable.  

Heronview Pet Foods is what we need more of.  They fill a much needed market for canine guardians who want to feed better food to their dogs.  My sister purchased several supplements for Ruby along with a frozen cube of organs and bone meal after speaking extensively with the owner, Lori. 

I LOVE how they sell many of their products in frozen cubes.  Just pop one in the fridge to thaw and it's ready to use.  Along with their huge variety of raw food they also sell dehydrated treats, supplements, soaps and toys.  

I was super impressed with Heronview and highly recommend a visit today if you are in the area.