Feedback for you and your dog - (BOOK GIVEAWAY)


The book, the one that anyone with a new dog or puppy truly needs.   It is my first training book and it is written for those with a new canine in their life.  W. Jean Dodds DVM wrote the foreword for my book which I was and am beyond excited about.  

Feedback for you and your dog focuses on everyday issues that can arise with the addition of a new dog to your home.  It is written so that it is easily understandable and has a quick reference section in each chapter.  This enables you to get quick answers when you are in a hurry to get them. 

The book is written in easy to understand language that can open the door to quick learning for you and your dog.    Walking through the doors to understanding the canine/human relation and how it can thrive with education on both sides is truly enlightening. 

This little book is packed with information for any and all new canine guardians.  Each and every new guardian client will receive a copy of their own as a reference manual through our training course.  Having trained dogs and their people for over 15 years gave me the experience and knowledge of what should be covered in a book for a new canine guardian.

If you have a new dog or puppy, you need this book.  

I will be giving away a free copy to one canine guardian.  Leave a comment on this blog and I will choose someone to send a signed copy to.  Ask a question or leave a comment about you and your dog/puppy for your chance to win.