Finally it is here!!!!

For many years I have been working on a new puppy training book.  Over the years it has evolved a great deal; things I wanted to include in a 'first' how to book changed.  What I wanted to give new puppy owners is a book of answers to the most common questions I received while working with my clients and their puppies.  For many new puppy guardians, taking the step into the dog world is confusing.  My book clears much of the confusion up and gives a precise way to deal with many of the issues that your puppy will throw at you. 

Having worked with so many new puppy guardians and understanding their need for quick answers; the book is written to deliver this.  Each chapter starts with a quickie version; for those times when you need an answer and need it fast.  Then each quickie version is followed up with a longer, full explanation.  There is far more to getting a puppy than just paying for them and bringing them home.  Educating and guiding them through the first weeks and months is so important in how they deal with the rest of their life; your life together. 

I love to write and I love to help others to better understand how to coexist with their dog in a more harmonious way.  After all this world of ours is geared around humans; it is up to us to teach our dogs how to live in it so that they can thrive and enjoy.  I am very excited to have completed this first step dog book; now onto the next.  Enjoy!

Leaving you hanging?

Nope, dogs don't; they don't leave us hanging.  On the other hand, we humans are horrible for leaving our dogs and other humans hanging.  One of my biggest pet peeves of all time is when you communicate with someone and they leave you hanging.  Honestly, it drives me crazy.  Whether it is asking a question, responding to a request, scheduling an appointment or whatever, REPLY!!!!!!  Dealing with companies and individuals who leave me hanging got me to thinking about our dogs, of course. 

Dogs never leave us hanging; there is always a response.  Sure, it may not be the response that you want; but it is a response.  It always makes me laugh when I see someone who has been flipped off by their dog and doesn't understand.  "He must not have heard me," or "he doesn't understand" they exclaim.  No, he heard you and he understands; he clearly told you that he is not complying and has a completely different agenda than you.  Dogs will always respond, it is yet another wonderful thing about dogs.  Even if the response is going to be negative; they'll give it to you.

Leaving our dogs hanging after we ask them for a specific behavior is a failure in the canine/human communication spectrum.  Even the most minute requests should be followed up with feedback.  Some sort of communication should be given in response to a behavior.  If you don't like something that your dog is doing, tell them.  If you love something that your dog is doing, tell them.  When we communicate with our dogs; we have the option of communicate using body language, use that too.  Feedback does not always have to be vocal or verbal with dogs. 

Humans?  No, humans are nowhere near as good at responding as dogs are.  Like dogs, we are all different; some people are much more gifted in the communication department than others.  But the absence of the very basic communication requirement of a response is a little hard to handle.  When individuals ignore a response; it is downright rude.  When a company or business does not respond; it is highly unprofessional.  Purposely not responding speaks volume about you and your company.

If we humans could just learn to communicate from our dogs; wouldn't that be a wonderful thing? 


They await guidance via feedback. 

Feedback.  It's all about feedback.

Feedback - a reaction or response to a particular process or activity. 

Living with dogs is all about feedback.  From the moment your dog joins your family and throughout your life together; feedback should be a part of it all..  "I don't like telling him what to do," is a common phrase heard when discussing training a dog.  Some people link obedience or training with cruel control.   The whole process of learning to live in our human world requires feedback, constant feedback.  Our dogs cannot learn how to act appropriately all on their own, they need assistance.   If you have offered appropriate feedback as your dog learns the ins and outs of living in our world; the need for feedback typically lessens over the years. 

Rules, regulations and living side by side in a human world all require feedback.  When a dog offers an unwanted behavior; it is our job to give feedback.  Yes, I like that; no, I don't like that.  Tweaking behaviors or altering them in a large way is our job.  Without feedback we leave our dog standing alone to try to figure it all out by themselves.  That is not a good thing for a dog; our dogs need guidance every step of the way. 

Feedback is not mean, cruel or bad.  Feedback is good; our dog's need help to maneuver through it all.  Do you offer your dog enough feedback?  Are you helping them to figure out this whole human world of ours?  When you offer your dog feedback on a regular basis; they will tend to look to you for more.   Feedback can come as vocal sounds or physically stepping in.  Once a dog understands a particular vocal sound that means "not acceptable" it can be very easy to share the knowledge.   It is simply a required reaction to an action which supplies important information. 

I have had to step in and give feedback myself when owners have not stepped up.  If it concerns my dogs and someone else's dog I will most definitely offer what is needed.  Like parents who offer no feedback to their misbehaved children; unruly dogs receiving no feedback are just as obnoxious.  Feedback, give it to your dog.