Resilience of a dog

The tears started as soon as I laid eyes on him; and as soon as they started they were gone as he licked my face, Courage. I met Courage yesterday; the German Shepherd that had been left in his yard to die. Courage narrowly escaped death being rescued by OC German Shepherd rescue from the accused. The rescue group are an amazing group of people. I'd read the stories of his struggle to survive and now here he was giving me one of the warmest greetings I've ever received. So you know; he looks amazing and extremely happy as you can see from the above images. So after our greeting we moved on as he had clearly done; living in the past is such a human thing to do and I had to shake off my own memories of what I had read and just enjoy this wonderful boy in the here and now.

The amazing resilience of a dog; it is truly inspiring to see dogs that have been mistreated, abused, starved and worse, hold no ill feelings towards the human race. I've met dogs who were dumped out in the middle of nowhere; left to die from the very humans who were their caregivers. I've met dogs who have been injured by a human hand; others who have been left with no human contact in their backyard. Many dogs are abandoned by their humans and still many hold no contempt for us. Dogs move on; some are left with residual issues caused by trauma, many simply never look back.

How can a dog brought to the edge forgive, forget and move on with complete trust in humans? Dogs are truly amazing; to put so much hope in the next person that they meet is beyond inspirational. Dogs have great hope; and many end up in the hands of wonderful rescue groups like the one above. The dedication and caring that these groups fulfill fuels the canine hope and they do come to the rescue. The sheer determination of a canine to keep plodding along when life has dealt them such horrific situations often leads them to a second chance at a wonderful life; many throw 100% of themselves into this and live again.

Recently I photographed a huge adoption event; I was admittedly hesitant and thought that it might be tough to do, so many homeless dogs. I left with a new sense of hope; hope in people. I was inspired by the number of caring people; all there for one reason, the good of the dog. Perhaps it is this that dogs see in humans; there is hope and it lies in the amazingly dedicated people who rescue them. Compassion is a powerful ignition; when humans have it and use it for the good of animals, great things happen. Each voice and every hand that reaches out to help animals is influential. Never worry that you are but one voice. You can make a difference; one voice at a time. SR