Blood banks for dogs

Good Saturday morning; I'd like to share with you my newest book out. It was a work from the heart and I love the end result. The book titled Greyhound Rescue is a compilation of beautiful black and white images of rescued racing Greyhounds. I will be giving 100% of the profits from the sale of the book to Hemopet and Pet Life-line. Founded by Dr. Jean Dodds; Hemopet was the first private non-profit animal blood bank established in 1991.

If your dog has ever needed a blood transfusion; chances are it came from Hemopet. My own little JRT Jessie nearly died back 8 years ago. She was in rough shape and failing fast; it was decided that she needed a plasma transfusion to keep her alive. That transfusion gave her the strength to carry on. And as you all know; Jessie is a very robust 14 year old Jack Russell who rules the roost here.

As I met each dog that is in the book; I was struck by the friendly demeanor of all. Each and everyone was an individual; both in personality and appearance but they were all sweet. Some were more outgoing than others; a few of the more timid dogs called for my "invisible photographer" routine. It was an honor to meet all of these wonderful and amazingly beautiful dogs who all come from a rough life as a racing track dog. But that behind them they move on as dogs do; living the life that all dogs should lead.

I loved listening to each personal story; the length of the dog's racing career, when they were rescued and how they have adapted. There were very few only Greyhound homes; most lived with other Greyhounds. And after seeing how wonderful they all were it is not surprising to me.

Hemopet helps dogs Nationwide; of all breeds, maybe even your own dog. I would like to thank Dr. Jean Dodds and everyone who works and volunteers at Hemopet and Pet Life-line for everything they do; for my dogs, your dogs, and all the rescue dogs.

I hope that you purchase one of these books; you too can give back.