Missing it all

Don't you want a dog? Ewww, no thank you. They drool, puke, poop, shed and make your life a general mess. She turns her head in disgust as the overjoyed Golden approaches for a nice big kiss. "Get her away;" she yells to her best friend of over 20 years. As she heads off a full on Golden assault she recoils spewing obscenities directed at both the dog and it's owner. "Why on earth would you ever want this in your life?" Her friend simply smiles knowing that she just doesn't get it. Many people don't "get it;" but when and if they do, they get it tenfold.

I'm talking about people who just don't get the whole dog thing. I know many people who are not dog people; of course when I say dog people I mean DOG people. Not just the average Joe with a dog. The people like you and me who incorporate their dogs into their lives. The ones who may be covered in dog hair; discussing canine nutrition, behavior or even the daily poop, those dog people. You know who you are. Believe it or not there are people out there who just don't like dogs; they may not have a hate for dogs but just don't understand having a creature in your life that messes everything up. Their life is just too safe and organized to involve a dog.

Dogs are work; yes, but work turns into caring for when you wrap your arms around it. Work for some is joy for many. Until you have the chance to feel the connection of a dog; you just can't get it. I've met many people who don't get it; and as hard as I try they just can't understand. But there is nothing to understand; you either have it naturally, it sneaks up on you slowly or it hits you when you least expect it. I have met those whom it hit when they weren't looking. One woman spoke to me about a blog I'd written about this same subject; non dog people. She said "Sherri I was one of those; I didn't get it." And there I was photographing her pride and joy; a tiny white and black recently adopted rescue.

She spoke of being one of "those" people who think their dog friends are crazy. Listening to all the talk about the dogs and not understanding it. She got it now; she'd been hit big time and was now one of us. I had to smile; this is how it happens, the work had turned into caring for. Outsiders may look and you and your life with dogs and shake their head; so much work. For me there is no work involved; it is all just a part of living with dogs and caring for them. Sure if you do not want to live with dogs then all of this might look like work, but not to the dog lover.

Some people will go through life and never know the love for a dog; sad. There is nothing like connecting with a dog, giving your entire heart and soul and getting even more in return. Dogs are simply wonderful; right?

Those of you dog people already know that life is far too short to stress about:

-dog hair on the sofa
-sand, dirt and grass in the car
-pee and poop on the grass in the yard
-having a less than perfect yard because you don't want chemicals harming your dog
-that "doggy" smell in your house
-a bed filled with crumbs from sharing breakfast
-nose prints on all the windows
-nose prints on your sunglasses
-poop bags in your purse and pockets of pants, jackets and shorts
-tennis balls rolling out of everywhere
-tripping on toys in the middle of the night
-stubbing your toe on the many Nylabones strewn around the house
-cleaning out the slimy backwash water bowl
-treats in everything you own
-a car filled with dog stuff
etc. etc. etc.

If you do think these things are worth stressing about; then you have not "got it" yet. Pass this onto all of your non dog friends as something to ponder in life.

Resistance is futile. ;)