A place to rest

Dogs love to sleep don't they? They sure do a lot of it; much more than we do. Where they choose to sleep is very interesting and as they age it can change drastically. If you are a longtime reader then you know that I am a big fan of dog beds; you simply cannot have enough. I like to have dog beds in each room; if they don't want to use them that is fine but it is there if they choose to sleep on it.

Young puppies don't go so much for comfort; it is more like wherever they happen to drop. They can be found in the strangest places; fast asleep without a care in the world. But if they are awake and looking for a place to sleep; chances are that they will choose a tiny spot under a chair, table or couch. This is why crates are a fairly easy transition for a puppy, they like small places. Somewhere with a roof makes them feel safe and secure. I've seen many puppies try to continue to squeeze their constantly growing body into a favorite tiny spot. It is not long before they start falling asleep with their head under their tiny replacement cave but their body no longer fits.

So as they grow and mature their sleeping spots change. Many youngster dogs will sleep anywhere; not giving comfort a second thought. Temperature often plays a big role in sleeping; I know in the hot summer months that many of my dogs have opted for the kitchen floor. Comfortable it is not but tile is very cool and they will regularly sleep so that their whole stomach is touching the tile. Many Northern type breeds prefer to sleep where it is cool; some even choose a tub. A bathtub is nice and cool plus it is like a small cave type bed as well.

Body type can play a large role in where dogs sleep; just like the Northern breeds may like cool, the less coated breeds search for the warm spot. A choice position where the sun beams in warming their body; a spot outside under the strong sun, near a heat register or under the covers. Jessie use to love to sleep with us when she was young. She would wriggle her way down to my feet where I was sure she couldn't breath. There she slept for the whole evening; she loved it.

Many dogs like to sleep where you are; these are the shadow dogs. Luke is a shadow dog and where I am is where he sleeps. His most common sleeping spot is right behind my computer chair. It is not a good spot for him because he jumps out of his skin each time I move. I try to get him to lay on the bed beside me so he doesn't have to move every time I move but he doesn't like that spot. Jessie likes to sleep where she can see me but comfort now plays a huge role in resting spots for her so she uses the bed beside the computer.

As dogs age; comfort starts to factor into where they sleep. A sore body needs a soft place to lie down. Tilley really goes for comfort and she can be found mostly on the leather couch downstairs. Once she is down for the afternoon; she's good for hours without a stir. If you have ever slept a night out in the yard on the ground with your kids on a "camp out," you know that comfort is very important. A dog needs a comfy place to sleep; if they choose the floor or ground over the bed you have offered on occasion then fine but they should be offered the comfort.

Seeing my three old dogs change over the years; it is obvious that as a senior, comfort plays the biggest part in a place to rest, and like I said "puppies, not so much."