Sleeping dogs

Good Tuesday morning; I hope that all of you had a great Holiday weekend and your pups made it through all the booming. I spent a good part of the day photographing my dogs; it is one of those luxuries, having them there to shoot whenever the whim hits me. They are amazingly good sports and will do whatever I ask of them; but typically it is "be yourself." I love capturing dogs being dogs and yesterday after a long walk and spending much of their time outside they were very tired. They were all crashed in the living room so; yep, I got out my camera.

One of my favorite things to shoot is dogs in action; I love being able to freeze it and see what you would never see unless you indeed froze time. But I also love shooting sleeping dogs; when they are at their most relaxed state, the complete opposite of action. They are adorable aren't they? As a trainer I know that a tired dog is a good dog and a tired dog also makes a great model; especially when you want to capture them sleeping. Jessie was on the dog bed in the living room; Luke on the couch and Tilley at the front door on the floor. I have to be very calm and quiet; but even at my best I still cause a stir. Just a small one and they usually drift off back to dreamland.

Jessie was looking totally adorable sleeping; I snapped away and she woke up. She had a little grooming session and went off again. Luke was asleep but sort of with one eye open; things were going on and he hates to miss anything so I have some with eyes open and caught a couple as he drifted off. Tilley was out; completely out and never stirred as I shot her, she had a long day for a 13 year old and was completely exhausted.

There is something very serene about watching a dog sleep; it is at that very moment when they are at their most relaxed. A dog that is asleep is in a safe zone; a place where they feel they can close their eyes and rest, I love it. I often see Tilley out in the yard asleep in the sun and I love that she feels secure enough in her yard to drift off. Luke has a more difficult time sleeping in the yard; if he does it is on her lounge and it is not a sound sleep. He is a much more nervous dog so closing his eyes doesn't come quite as easy.

Creating an environment where our dogs can feel safe enough to let down their guard; throw all their cares to the wind and close their eyes is our job. Once you have achieved this and your dog feels at home as much you; you can smile at a job well done. And enjoy one of the simple things in life; watching your dog sleep.