A lame owner

Okay; I'm ticked off.  SOMEONE; is crapping on my lawn, I'm assuming it's a dog.  I went out early this morning; headed to the gym and low and behold; a big pile on my front lawn.  Standing there staring at the mound; my hands on my hips scanning the neighborhood, hmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Someone is letting their dog take a dump on my lawn and not picking it up.  I don't mind if a dog uses the lawn; but "hey human; pick it up."  I really have enough of my own dog poop to pick up; I don't need more.  This has been going on for a while now; and it only happens at night or when we are not home.  Obviously someone; some human is letting their dog do this.  This morning it was smack dab in the middle; sort of like "take that."

I have huge issues with people who do not pick up after their dog; it makes me crazy.  And I have let people know loud and clear that it is their job to pick up after their dog.  You know the non picker uppers; the people who pretend they don't notice that their dog is hunched over pooping.  No they are too busy looking in every direction except for the angle in which their dog is dumping.  Then they keep on walking like nothing happened.  AHHHHHHHHH; your dog, your dog's poop, you pick it up, simple.

I have to admit that I have guts of steel; nothing grosses me out pretty much so picking up poop is easy.  I also understand that some people cannot pick it up through a bag; my husband was one.  And I am happy to say that he is reformed and can now pick it up without gagging, amazing.  So if he can do it; anyone can do it.  They even make poop pick up contraptions so that you don't have to touch it at all.  Some come with a long handle so you don't even have to go near it.  So there really is no excuse; so don't try.  You just have to do it.

It is very unacceptable not to pick up after your dog; other people and children play in many areas where our dogs drop a load, so you must pick it up.  I use to walk at a park that was right beside a school; I always brought extra bags and picked up all the poop that others did not.  The park was always filled with children and having poop on the ground is just disgusting.  All it takes is one to ruin it for the rest of us; so if you see someone who is not picking up after their dog, speak up.  I completely get why non dog people get so mad about crap everywhere; I get just as mad, it's not fair for everyone else using the park or field.

I will find out who this lame owner is who is not picking up after their dog.  Perhaps because my car says "JustdogswithSherri" on it they think that I'm cool with it.  I'M NOT.   I'm thinking that it is the woman down the way who plays ball in the middle of the street with her dog.  Another activity performed in an inappropriate place.   

I'll be buying a sign for my yard; crazy that people just don't know this.