Crumbs in the bed

This  morning I was laughing; all three dogs were in the bed with us enjoying a late breakfast when I realized just how many crumbs were in the bed.  It seems that every morning I go through the process; after we get up I pull back the sheets and sweep the crumbs out.  Then I take off the top protective sheet that I keep on the bed and shake the crumbs off.  As I lay in bed this morning watching Luke eat his share of breakfast; I thought to myself "no wonder we have a bed full of crumbs."  The ritual is the same; will he eat this morning?  First is the attention step; he does his best to seem uninterested.  Luke is offered several pieces of chicken (specially brought up for the dogs) which catches his attention.  Coaxed he then happily chows down.  Next; he's offered a piece of toast, again he gobbles it down.  And another piece of toast and out it comes; not enough butter.  That's right not enough butter on this outside crust.  Honestly.

Hmmm; I might be interested.  (Luke left; Tilley middle and Jessie right)

The girls; Tilley and Jessie eat everything given to them, chicken, toast, cheese without hesitation.  Not Luke; nope, he checks out each piece before taking it.  If by chance it does not have enough butter on it; if it is a type of cheese that he is not fond of, forget it.  If a piece of toast has a tiny corner of butter on it; he will lick off the butter and reject the rest of the toast.  The night before we had been having an array of cheese with wine before dinner.  Of course we shared; the girls happily ate whatever cheese was offered to them, not Luke.  Once he got a taste for the Tuscano black pepper cheese, forget the rest.  I offered him a nice sharp cheddar; nope.  No he only wanted the "special stuff."

One of the highlights of the day is having breakfast in bed with the dogs.  They are so well behaved; they all sit and wait their turn; no pushing, shoving or growling.  Luke is usually apprehensive; he's comfy and not sure that it is worth waking up for.  Often when offered a piece of our breakfast he decides that he was correct; not good enough to wake up for rejecting the food and opting to recurl back to sleep.  The girls would never reject food; only if it truly was inedible.  And don't even think about tossing Luke his treats; if it lands on his foot, grazes his face or drops on his leg, he's likely to get up and leave.  Imagine.

Just realizing it is his favorite; as the girls wait patiently.


There are even foods that Luke will eat; or at least you think he's going to eat it.  He chews; tosses it around his palate for a bit and then plop, out it comes.  He is a rare boy indeed.  And he will occasionally love something one minute; the next, no way is he eating it.  So when Luke likes something we really run with it; like butter, the boy likes butter on his toast.  So; there are a lot of crumbs in our bed and it makes me smile.