Just another day

The sun is just rising; the air is much cooler this morning and only little Jessie is wandering around the bedroom.  Luke is sound asleep with a handful of Charlee Bears in front of him; he knows that they are there and will eat them when the mood hits him.  Tilley is asleep on her bed; she's eaten her cookies already.  Jessie is still looking for more as she snorfles around the room.  Once she is done scoring on all the crumbs she settles in for her morning nap. 

I felt like I needed to switch it up.  I typically take the girls out; it's cooler so they don't get hot and then the man and I go for a power walk.  Jessie was sound asleep; still in her morning nap so I thought I'd grab the poodles and go.  Luke lay on the couch once he saw I was taking Tilley out; he knows the routine.  I called to him and he got suspicious; so I asked him if he'd like to go for a walk with Tilley.  Those big ears of his flew up and he was off the couch in a flash.  We went through our snail approach to getting his harness on and then we were ready.

Once at the park Tilley seemed to be happier to be out with Luke; perhaps she doesn't like going out with Jessie.  I wouldn't blame her; Jessie likes to sniff, and I mean sniff.  Up and down each blade of grass; it can take eons just to get a few feet.  Once we got to the safe field I took out Tilley's ball and she came to life; she is instantly transformed by the ball, tail up, head, body, everything up and ready.  I just kick it now because I don't want any mishaps; but she loves it, it's what she lives for.  Luke is patient; waiting his turn.  I am clear as to who is getting the ball; I use names and they understand.  When both were younger; Tilley had no hesitation in running over Luke should he go after the ball when it was her turn.

Now that Tilley is 13 1/2 I worry that he will run her over.  First it is Tilley's turn; she has a few tosses, then Luke's turn.  As soon as I ask him if he would like a turn; his whole body morphs into drive mode.  When it is Tilley's turn; he pretends not to be watching, he keeps himself occupied but when it's his turn, he's on.   Tilley lays on the grass and does a very controlled stay; what a girl.  And then it's Tilley's turn again; I always end the ball throws with her.  Luke loves the ball but Tilley lives for the ball. 

We make our way around the rest of the park; two happy poodles, three smiles.