Too cute for words

I had a fabulous shoot today; two little fuzz faces and a Golden and her Mom.  The two fuzz faces were what I would call Disney dogs; it didn't matter what they did, they were adorable.  When I left I hit Old Navy; I'm in need of some photo shoot pants, I tend to wear the knees out quickly.  So as I was going through the cash; the cashier asked me if I take care of dogs, I had my Just dogs with Sherri t-shirt on.  I told her no; that I was a trainer and professional dog photographer.  The woman behind me piped in "that must be just about as bad as babies."  Hmmmm; I wasn't quite sure what to say to that so I simply replied "I prefer to shoot dogs; I love it."

Of course I love babies; I had three of my own, now grown.  And I think they are as cute as the next person; but dogs are my thing.  That said I do love to photograph dogs and kids; that is entirely different.  Seeing a completely natural, unrehearsed connection between a canine and a human child......................amazing.  Over the years I have contemplated branching out; and who knows I may still but for now I'm shooting dogs.  I've been doing it for 6 years now and I love it; haven't gotten even the least bit weary of it.

Taking a great shot of a dog demands that the dog is relaxed; a face says everything.  And if a dog is stressed about a shoot; it's not going to have a happy face.  Today I was sitting on the ground as one of the dogs inspected the camera.  He sat nearly on top of me as I put it all together.  Once I was ready I sat and let him check it out; this is important.  Often during a shoot I will see a glimmer of hesitation about the camera; this is my cue to drop it and chill.  We wait; have a rub, a little chat and we're good to go again.

The next dog was the same; as friendly as they come but a little worried about this huge black thing staring at her.  She voiced her opinion to the black monster; so the camera sat on the floor for a bit until she felt okay about it.  It's all about the dog; nothing else matters during a dog shoot.

Watch; see, react.