Its about the pack

Saturday evening; it was me and the hounds, everyone else was out.  I thought about heading down to the beach; the dog beach that is to shoot all the dogs having fun.  Then I considered that I'd have to leave my guys to do that and being that it was just them and I; I shot the pack instead.  I love shooting my guys; and I have to say that I have done a lot of shooting them.  After a backyard shoot and some sunset deck shots I gave them their dinner.  Once they ate I prepared my own dinner and we head down to watch some chick flicks.

Funny how whatever I'm doing is what the pack is doing.  When I went outside with my camera; they all followed.  Up to the balcony; all but Jessie followed me out there, she needed a bit of help to figure out where we'd gone.  Then they all followed me down to the family room for some much anticipated canine R&R.  Canine R&R is not only for the canines; it is very much for the humans as well.  And that human would be me; the lucky one.  There I was with the three most wonderful dogs I know; each laying on and under their own blanket sharing the sofa with me.

Tilley took up the opposite end from me; Jessie was smack dab in the middle and Luke snuggled so close to me that I was squished up pretty tightly in the corner.  Getting up and down took some work; wriggling out from under Luke, but he wasn't giving an inch.  As I sat watching my movie I glanced at them all; I took in the view; a pretty great view.  I smiled; what a pack, what a great pack we are.   Not long into my movie I had to smile again; both Tilley and Jessie were snoring, quite loudly while Luke ran and twitched in his dreams.

It is their presence; their simple desire to be in my presence that makes it all so wonderful.