Its just water

Today we had rain; hallelujah, boy do we need it.  We didn't have a lot and of course we got it as we just arrived to the park.  We were meeting my hubby and Luke like usual; but my son had join me and the girls for our saunter around the park.  No sooner were we out of the car; when it started to pour.  Funny how we humans run for cover when it starts to rain; when in fact it is quite glorious to walk in the rain.  The dogs didn't mind it; they never do when on a walk, at home is another story entirely.

How is it that a dog who loves water; I mean totally loves it, loves nothing more than sticking her head underneath the water, swimming and attacking the hose is sent running at the thought of bath time?  Bath time in my house is a strategic planning event.  I typically grab Jessie first; being that she can't hear or see well I just grab her and throw her in the shower before she knows what hit her.  But; this leaves Luke trembling away until his inevitable turn.  I don't like leaving him in this state long as I always think that the stress could send him into a seizure; he is epileptic.

And my maniac water loving dog is at this point headed for the hills.  There is no telling where I might find her; but it will be as far from me as possible.  Tilley has always been a water dog; from the day she joined our family she loved it.  Luke too loves the water; he doesn't like to swim but dive, splash, run and even retrieving under water he loves.  He is drawn to water like any water retriever (which the standard poodle was the first of; just saying.)

Thinking about Luke's stress level I have opted to do him first lately.  But it seems that even when he has been done and is sun drying in the yard; he still thinks that there may be a chance that he will go again.  He has not learned that once you've had a bath; you are done, that's it, no more.  When I bring the next dog out he watches me with a wary eye; he keeps his distance and is ready to bolt if needed.  I have never understood this hatred of the bath; never had a dog who enjoyed it and believe me I make it enjoyable.  Who would not love a warm 20 min. massage?  I'd love one myself.

Luke gets a haircut and a bath 

I know that they do not enjoy nail cutting but they don't run from me; they aren't keen on grooming but grin and bare it.  They are all too game for ear cleaning even though they hate it but a bath; that is where they draw the line.  But as you all know; no sooner have they had the suds rinsed away, the excess water squeezed from their giant sponge body and had their body water transferred to a towel when they start their joyous "I had a bath" celebration.  If it were only the simple joy of watching them shake it off; not that they are clean or the fact that they now smell wonderful it would still be well worth tossing them in the tub to just watch the "I feel good" dance.