Oh those tongues

They clean their face; they give us kisses, they scoop water up them, they cool their body and they give us some great entertainment, a dog's tongue.  When I have the chance to shoot some dogs having fun; the tongue is most often hanging around.  Sometimes people don't want their dog's tongue hanging out for a shot, they prefer a more closed mouth look.  I don't care either way but when they are hanging out?  It usually means fun is being or has been had. 

Sometimes the tongue is used in a controlled manner; when panting is minimal it is usually held out a small bit with the end curled up.  But when fun has gone on for a while and all involved are heating up, the tongue seems to take on a wild and unruly persona. 

Tongues can be used to clean up small messes.

Or full face messes; as required.

Often they just blow in the breeze; with no rhyme nor reason.

Tongues can signal a warning to those around.

Our dogs use them to drink with.

Whether they are being pulled back, under control, cooling or swinging uncontrollably a dogs tongue is extremely multi-functional.