Toys, toys, toys

I've been out shopping; with the holidays around the corner it is toy time.  I don't buy a whole lot of toys as my guys have 2 baskets full and I make toys for them often.  But; this time of year brings the gift of giving with it and that goes for the hounds.  I hit my local HomeGoods today to scoop up what I could of the good toys.  I love shopping for toys; there are so many different types.  Today I literally got an armful; my own guys are already done for Christmas now, nice.  They love getting new toys; the short joy of a new toy is worth every cent spent on the squishy little things. 

I also love nothing more than finding new toys.  I picked up a very cool Organic toy from Simply Fido  for a special pooch and two interesting Jeep dog toys I've been eyeing for months now.   I also got all three of my guys their Christmas presents.  I looked through a lot of toys and as soon as my eyes landed on the long green guy, sold.  Luke loves these long dog toys; I've never seen one this big, it's probably 2 1/2 feet long, he is going to go crazy.  Tilley gets the fuzzy green and red ring toy with a squeaker in each ring and Jessie gets the reindeer candy cane. 

It is important to consider a dogs physioloy and preferences when you get a toy for them.  Jessie has a small mouth and although she has quite the chomper, I like to get her easily squeakable toys.  This candy cane is just the ticket.  All the dogs I'll be buying for other than my own this year are so far small, which means they have to be able to get their mouth around the toy to squeak it.  There are a few things that I really don't like in toys; one is rope toys.  I've seen too many dogs consume string that inevitably comes off the rope.  Next I don't like toys that have any moving parts; never a good idea as they can come off.  And lastly they have to be soft, that is if they are th stuffed type toy.  I picked one up today that had a voice box type thing in it, not a great idea.

Frivolous spending?  Not on your life; the more toys a dog has the less chance that they will be wrecking your stuff.  Toys should be different; lots of shapes, textures and sounds.  My guys have two toy baskets; one upstairs and one down.  They use their toys all the time and are regularly strewn around the house.  Christmas morning we all look forward to the dogs recieving their presents with great anticipation.  I will have my camera ready and shoot the glory for all to see. 

Now go toy shopping.