Bark matters

Bark matters, yep a barking dog can be a wonderful thing.  I know, I know, I'm typically talking about how to stop barking, but that is annoying barking and all together different than good barking.  Last night I was wandering around flipping all the Christmas lights on when I had a knock at the door.  Thinking it was my son I swung open the door, only to be very dissappointed that it was a sales guy.  He was in his early 20s and standing very far from the door, which I like.  He rambled about doing renovations to the house when Jessie let out one of her almighty scream barks.  He took a very large step back, and I was pretty impressed.

Then Tilley heard that there was a stranger and not Brad at the door.  She did her best impression of a Grizzly bear and the guy said "okay good, see ya."  There was no lingering, no convincing............presto, he was gone.  Nice!!!!!!!!  When Tilley did bark I sort of laughed under my breath as she has a very muffled old dog bark now.  But in her day she had the biggest bark out of all the dogs I've had.  I remember hearing her bark for the first time as a puppy and I was shocked.  Luke didn't bark last night, we're working on the barking at the new puppy next door issue so he was being on his best behavior.  But he was there as back up if need be.

Most people have no idea where a bark is coming from behind a door.  Barks can be very deceiving, big barks can come from small dogs and vice versa.  This guy was not taking any chances and "quit while he was ahead."  :)  Unless you can see a dog it is very hard to know what the dog is really like.  Most dogs will bark at a doorbell or knock.  Some are just letting you know there is someone there while others may be the security system. 

A little known fact about Standard poodles is that they are serious guard dogs.  As many of you know I started my whole life in dogs with Doberman Pinchers, so I know guarding type dogs.  When I tell people I have poodles they may conjure up a fluffy white little thing sitting on a pillow eating bonbons.  When they come face to face as a stranger in my house, things are very different.  Even my Miss Princess Tilley get's very protective of her home and family.  And Jessie?  she's just born tough.  You don't mess with Jessie. 

So yes, I like when my dogs bark.  A couple of barks, I will thank them and let them know that I'll take it from there.  I am the Top Dog and I will assess the situation at the door and they all know this.  How many times have I watched movies where there is an intruder as I scream "this wouldn't happen if they had a dog."  True in most cases.   I never doubt for a second who's got my back.