It's still pouring

It's raining again, pouring would be a more accurate description of what is going on really.  It started last Wed and today makes it a week of rain, strange for Southern California.   We do get bouts of rain but typically they come in the January/February months.  Which is precisely the last time I remember getting as much rain.  So we are in for a very green New Year which isn't a bad thing.  

Because of our recent weather the dogs have been doing more sleeping.  Although my guys now at 10, 13.5 and 14.5 sleep a great deal normally, rain makes everyone sleep more.  I have been having to consciously get everyone outside to relieve themselves.  Left to their own they will hold it until they can hold it no longer, that's not comfortable for anyone.  If it is pouring like it is at the moment they will go to the door and look, then decide that they really didn't have to go afterall and go lay down.  This is when I don my rain gear and get the treats out.  Hey, if I expect them to get wet, I'm getting wet.

So we all head out, albeit very slowly.  Jessie takes 1/2 inch steps so the 15 feet to the grass takes a while.  She, unlike the poodles does not understand the whole "hurry and you won't get as wet," thing.  Tilley tries to move but with her Vestibular it takes a while as well.  Luke is a run out and go and run back kind of guy, thankfully.  So I wait while the girls do their things, and when they are done I cheer like they just completed a marathon and give them a treat.  Wow?  A treat for going to the bathroom?  This puts a spring in their step and they forget he rain momentarily.  On the next trip out they have a quick second thought, then quickly remember the food/pee trade and out they go.

We've also been doing more indoor retrieving.  It is of course short runs and more repetition but it gets tails wagging none the less.  Jessie is good for one, maybe two if she's really in the mood, mostly not though.  When the dogs were young and we had bouts of "inside" time we played all sorts of games.  Hide'n seek was a big favorite with my guys.  We've always played it with all of our dogs and each one has loved it.  We actually spoke about trying it again this weekend, it's been a while.  We have to be careful because of Tilley's slant but I'm sure she'll be up for a short search.  

Another wonderful game was hide the treat.  I'd get out old blankets and hide Charlee Bear treats throughout.  Of course the dogs were put away while I dispersed the goods and then let out.  I would tell them to "find it," and off they'd be on a mad search.  They loved this game as well.  

Sometimes you just can't get out, but that does not mean that you can't spend some quality time together while getting rid of a bit of excess energy as a bonus.