The Giveaway BLOG

Wonderful prizes by:  Ruff Wear - FOR DOGS ON THE GO 

Good morning everyone; I'm glad you have joined us for the Giveaway.  I'm so excited, this is our first giveaway, how fun.  Okay; these are the official rules. 

Below you will find several questions, you must write your answers in the comment area.  The little blue word comment at the bottom of each post.  Click on comment and leave me your answers.  The comments are moderated by me first so they will only be posted once we have our two winners.  Good luck, I hope you've been reading.  All answers can be found in my 2011 blog entries. 

The questions will remain on here until 7:00 pm tonight, so you have 12 hours.  GO.


1.  What are the names of Sherri's ( my) dogs?

2.  How much time out of a day does a puppy need to be supervised?

3.  At a recent trip to a Wolf Center, one of the wolves was suffering from the same disease as one of Sherri's dogs.  What is that disease?

4.  A certain breed was given a photo tribute recently.  What breed was that?

5.  January had two wild animal blogs, one was wolves the other was what?

Good luck and thank you for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!