The Oscars-celebrities speaking out

Good Monday morning.  I was sitting watching the red carpet event before the Oscars lastnight when they had a piece about the amazing bags that they give to the nominees.  Like many others I was wishing I was a nominee, what a bag.  They quickly showed a canine related product by Earthpawz that was going to be in the bag.  Curious I hopped onto my laptop to have a look see.  What I found was a fairly new company with dog friendly cleaning products, impressive.  Without a second to waste I contacted them about trying their products.  I will be very excited to  try them out, and I will post my review here in the near future, so stay tuned.  And, yes it will be me trying them I don't have a cleaning service.  My cleaning lady's name is Sherri.  :)

So back to the Oscars, all the celebrities, pretty amazing to see so much put into an event.  But it is events like these that make celebrities a big deal and a big deal is sometimes a great thing.  One of the wonderful things about celebrities these days and in the past is their dedication to many charities and groups.  Celebrities have a voice, one that people will listen to over many others.  So when they take on the voice of a group or organization who is raising funds to help people or animals it is usually a wonderful boost in the amount raised.  Many celebrities choose multiple charity groups, which may encompass a dog group or two.

The more celebrities who step up in the name of animals the better.  Whether it is to raise awareness of abuse, help rescue group or just to help raise funds where they are most needed, celebrities can lead the way.  Causes that may struggle for years may quickly be rocketed into the limelight and the donations then start to poor in.  Anything that will draw attention to a good cause is beneficial to those in need.  Once a celebrity is on board it often becomes big news which is great for all the dog and animal groups that celebrities join.

Simply getting the word out and having others get on board is made so much easier when a celebrity supports a charity.   With their time, effort and goal to spread the word it of course is then in all the big news, magazines and television.  It's a win win for the dogs having a celebrity join the team.

If people don't know about a certain charity, it can be very difficult to raise funds for the group.  Getting the word out is essential.  Thank you to all the celebrities who lend their fame to help dogs around the world.