Rainy days and celebrity mistakes

Wow; it's rainy here in Southern California.  Yesterday I spent the afternoon curled up on the couch by the fire with the dogs sleeping sound.  We were lucky to get out nice and early for a walk, before the rains came.  We took all three dogs out together in the morning and head over to one of our favorite parks.  It was glorious, no one else was there so that meant "off leash."  Tilley was in an amazingly great mood and ran like the wind, well a crooked slow wind but she ran and was so happy to be running.  Like I always say, it is the simple things in life that are the really good things.  Luke and my hubby took off and did a bit of a run and we did our slow walk.  Tilley was out front looking for her Dad, she was actually pulling me.  And when he finally came up from the path from down below us I let her off and she flew to him and into his arms.

We let them have a run around being that not another soul was out in the windy weather.  Once we got home everyone had a nice chicken breakfast and that's about it for the day for them.  The rains came and we hit the couch, pulled out the blankets and turned on the fire.  As I lay surrounded by the dogs on the couch I was reading some dog stuff on Facebook.  The news of Whoopi Goldberg stating on "The View" that she thought she should be allowed to buy a dog from a pet store was abound.  It seemed as though there were two sides, one against what she said and one defending her from the attackers. 

It always surprises me when people jump to defend what a celebrity says.  I read the posts on Whoopi Goldberg's FB, and I added my own.  It is sad when people go on full attack, they themselves become abusive and that is when people stop listening.  And it is sad as well when celebrities make statements before educating themselves.  They wield a lot of power and a few wrong words can go very wrong.  Standing behind the stores that sell puppies is horrific.  We all know that only millers supply pet stores with dogs and that the dogs left behind, the breeder dogs lead a heart wrenching horrendous life. 

What sort of person supports those who abuse animals in a mill?  There are only two types who support these money making operations, the uneducated and those like the millers themselves, people who care nothing for the animals and only the bottom line.  And, at this point I think going with the "I had no idea," line is a little hard to believe.  Don't you think that Miss Goldberg may have seen the Oprah show on Puppy Mills?  If not then she needs to read up more on what is going on in the world. 

If she is shocked at the backlash? well that's stupid.  Say something stupid like; you should be allowed to buy a puppy from a pet store if you want to on TV and it's going to come back at you.  It saddens me to think that the words of a celebrity can undo so much good.  So many are fighting to end the suffering of Puppy mill dogs, to end the sale of puppies in pet stores.  And one celebrities says that we should have the right?  NO; no one has the right to treat animals the way that millers treat them, NO ONE.  And no Miss Goldberg you should not have the right to purchase one if you want, you should educate yourself and see all the suffering.  There are no rights involved for the animals who are doomed to live out their life at a puppy mill, very sad indeed.