Being away

I hate being away from my dogs, I just hate it. I miss them like crazy and wherever I happen to be when I am away I'm on the hunt for dogs. I feel strange and quickly form a hole that needs feeling from a canine connection. No matter where I am my dog radar is on, I can see them from hundreds of feet away. I am drawn to them like a moth to a fire. Luckily I was given ample dog contact on this most recent trip. I was staying with my parents back home, dogless. No dogs live in their home but I wasn't there long before one arrived. My sister and her family showed up with their Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Ruby. I've photographed her often and she never forgets me.

As soon as Ruby sees me she is heading towards the ground. With squinting eyes, a huge circle wagging tail, and lips pulled back she hits the floor and wriggles around. She is extremely submissive in her greetings with me and she delivers a big dose of canine for me. It was only two dogless days that I had to spend on my trip, thankfully. Over two days I filled up my dog need with Ruby. She is such a sweet dog.

Once Ruby left I had luckily set up a few shoots with family and friends. In all I got to photograph 8 dogs; and one of those 8 was only 12 weeks old. The cutest little Jack Russell mix you've ever seen. I have taken vacations when I've barely seen one dog, those are tough for me. So this one was a breeze although I still miss the closeness of my own dogs that you simply can't get from someone elses dog.

I got home yesterday; I couldn't wait to see them. As I walked through the door Luke was guard barking because of the noise the suitcases made coming in. All it took was one word and he was up off his couch and diving on me. As I've said before Luke likes to face bite and the more excited he is the bigger the bites. Having to compete with the girls for my attention he threw himself at me several times nailing me smack dab in the kisser. He spins and jumps, circle wags and dives at me while the girls push in for their share. The greeting lasted a good 5 minutes at maximum velocity and then it slowly calmed. With two arms arms I fully wrapped up the three for a huge snuggle fest. Two arms are more than enough to surround and hug three dogs, and man does it feel good to be home.