Melanoma in dogs

While I had Luke at the Vets the other day for what turned out to be a spider bite; I had the Vet look at a couple of spots that have grown on Luke.  Being that we have three senior dogs; respectively we have lots of lumps and bumps.  Several have had me concerned; but after being tested they were nothing.  So Luke has had a spot on his face and on the back of his neck.  Both bumps have not changed a lot; so I wasn't freaking out, but wanted them checked.

I learned something new that day; almost all Melanoma found on the skin of dogs are benign.  Although if located in the mouth, foot area or rarely the eye; the Melanoma is typically very aggressive and malignant.  Humans often form melanoma from exposure to the sun; not dogs.  The cause of dogs who form Melanomas is unknown other than genetics and environmental factors.

As dogs age they naturally form bumps and lumps that often are just that; harmless bumps.  But it is always best to have them checked out.  I did and I'm really glad; now I know that they are harmless little bumps so I don't have to worry about these ones anymore.  Below are some great sites with lots of information on Melanoma, both benign and malignant forms.

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