This and that

I hope that all you Mothers had a great day yesterday; I did.  We took the dogs for their morning run all together; the weather was beautifully cool and overcast.  Little Jessie is a funny little thing when she thinks that she is going for a walk, it is one of her few high moments of the day.  When she sees her harness I can hardly get it onto her as she fights me to get it on.  With her vision impaired, she is struggling to get it on as I am as well but I can see what I'm doing, she cannot.

Once she has her harness on she cries and I have to wait to pick her up until just before we go out because there she struggles as well.  She is so darned excited to get out the door that her little 14 lb body is rigid as she grunts and groans.  Then again once we get to the park she literally throws herself out of the car.  I cannot touch her until it is her time or she just hurls herself out.  So I push Jessie to the back of the SUV, help Luke out; push Jessie to the back of the SUV, lift Tilley out and then grab Jessie's harness tight.  She then proceeds the attempts to hurl herself out of the SUV.  She isn't jumping like a normal dog no; she'll go out head first, rear first, sideways or however she can get out.  This is new with the dementia.

Once out we had such a nice walk; Tilley and Luke both had ball time.  Tilley comes to life with a ball, you'd never think that she was a 14 year old dog.  But today she was favoring her back right leg a bit.  On Saturday night I'd noticed a wound of sorts on her leg; I'm not sure what it is from, could be a sebaceous cyst (Tilley has had many, many of these over the years).  Or it could again be a spider bite but by today it was looking a bit better after cleaning and wrapping it.  I will have a good look this morning to see how it is and we may be off to the vet yet again.

After our walk; we all had a cool down and then they had a nice chicken breakfast.  After that it was nap time for the oldies, that is until dinner time.  Old dogs sleep a lot.