Dogs in cars

Summer is just a few days away but in many places it's already been really hot.  Here in Southern California it could be mid January when we get summer temperatures; no matter where you are it is the temperature more than the season that I'm going talking about.  Dogs in cars; really?  Really?  Many people still leave dogs in cars to die from heat stroke.  Even if the temperature is only 75 degrees outside a car can quickly heat up to over 100.  Just the other day I went out to a store to do some clothes shopping and as I pulled up there was a car next to me, all the windows were wound up with a dog inside.  There really is only a clothes store here so this owner was shopping.   Really?  Do they think their dog is happy sitting in the car waiting for them to finish up? 

Before I left home I did my customary head count; one on the couch, one on the dog bed in my room and one on the dog bed in the family room.  Everyone was sound asleep and I left knowing that they would probably still be in the same spot when I returned, and they were.   I NEVER leave my dogs in the car for more than a few minutes and never if it's even slightly warm.  If I know I have to stop somewhere for any length of time they simply don't come.  On the rare ocassion when we are out and decide to do a quick stop; I stay in the car with the dogs while my hubby runs in.  It is just not worth the risk; plus I really really don't get it.

More than once I've entered a store and had them announce over the loud speaker that there is a dog locked in a car that needs out.  I can't see a dog panting and stressed and just go home.  People need to know that someone will say something and you will be the center of attention for leaving your dog in a hot car.  DON'T LEAVE YOUR DOG IN YOUR CAR.  JUST DON'T.  Running in quick to grab something is one thing; IF it's not hot out.  It is so sad to see dog's die every year because they were left in a car.  You are not doing your dog any favors by hauling them along and locking them up in the car while you have a leisurely shop.   

Last summer on a day that was a scorcher I had been in the parking lot of Petco. When I pulled into the lot I noticed an SUV a couple of cars over from me. The SUV had a pitbull mix and an American Bulldog in it. The windows were open a crack but the temperature was well into the 90s.  I thought to myself, okay someone just ran in and are coming out, even though a minute in this heat in a car is too long. I was having a conversation with someone on my phone sitting in my car and could feel my body starting to melt. I've said this before; I am not into this type of heat. I turned to check that the car with the dogs was gone and it was still there with the dogs panting profusely.
I excused myself from the conversation and went into the store. I asked the cashier if she knew who's car was outside with the dogs in it. She responded with a useless shrug of her shoulders and turned away. I shook my head and yelled it out "who has their dogs in the white SUV?" A young man admitted that the dogs were his and I told him he better get out there immediately. He actually thanked me which certainly surprised me.  As I walked out the doors he was right behind me, got into his suv and drove away. I stood there in complete astonishment that people still don't get it. How many times do people have to see dead or near dead dogs in a car on tv, an email, a blog or a story on the web to "get it."

Dog's don't want to sit in a car and wait for you to shop, even if it's not hot out.  Besides leaving them at home helps them adjust to being alone which in itself assists in making sure they don't have any separation anxiety issues. 

Enjoy your summer with your dog together.