Most photographed

Baby Luke

He is funny, handsome, pushy, hugable, devoted, cute,  naughty, adorable, goofy and mine.  I'm sure he is the world's most photographed dog, Luke.  With all the dogs that have been a part of our family; dogs that I have worked with and met through my dog life, Luke has got to be one of the most fun to shoot.  Oh yes I know he is my dog but even more than Tilley and Jessie, Luke just calls out to be digitally captured.  His face and body reveal his inner most thoughts; he cannot hide them from me.  For me; Luke is a joy to capture each and every time I lift the camera to shoot him.

These images below were just a few that I had on my computer.  They are but a fraction of a percentage of the images that I have stored.  He is the most photographed dog.

Ready for the catch


Tennis ball nibbling

Do we really need more pics Mom?

Luke's favorite spot

Watching the evil crows

He is so nosey; I can't do anything without him coming to see what I'm up to.

Underwater sports

Beach'n it with Mom

Listening to Dad

Pondering a retrieve

Doing a tough "leave it."

Luke is the most bowing dog; here I finally caught one.

Waiting for another throw

Climbing rocks at the beach

Sunset kissed

His happy face

Racing Dad

Lizard watching

The King's day off

Running with his Sis at the beach

Making a cookie mess in bed

A rare adorable moment with Jessie

The boy loves to catch balls

Exploring rocks

Stalking a shore bird

Not impressed

Filthy and sore; he took a bad wipeout at the park

"Don't bug me," face.

Being the most photographed dog is tough.

On the receiving end of Jessie's wrath.

Think he gets how adorable he is?  I think so.