Bringing home the goods

Recently my husband was away on a business trip.  The dogs are accustom to his absence but are always sort of on pins and needles until his return home.  Luke often gets antsy; he barks more often, stands looking at the door and is generally in "wait mode" if Dad is away too long.  This trip was a quick one but none the less he got a giant sized canine greeting when he got home.

Tilley was at the door immediately which was actually surprising as she rarely hears comings and goings any longer.  Luke stood on his couch barking Dad's arrival and once I entered the scene he dove off the couch and attacked his Dad.  There was head butting, biting, pushing, huffing and kisses to be given.  It is a tornado of activity but is over as quickly as it started.  The commotion is over but the following commences immediately after.  They both stick close to Dad just in case he tries to get away again.

On this trip my husband found some great snacks for the dogs.  He brought home a bag of Omaha Steak and told the dogs he'd brought something for them; the excitement began again.  Luke ADORES getting gifts; I believe that he loves opening them more than what is actually inside but this one was a bit different.  All the dogs love beef but unfortunately Jessie is allergic so this gift was strictly for the poodles.  Beef is Luke's favorite meat by far so this was a very big treat.  He could barely contain his excitement as he tried to get to the contents of the bag.  He has always been allowed to help open gifts and he adores it.  But when the gift is for him he's over the top.

Both Tilley and Luke could smell the contents before the package itself was even opened.  Once open they were in for a huge treat, they absolutely loved it.  Luke even got his dilated pupils face on; they were that good.  Dogs are so amazingly smart that a problem may now arise.  How does one come home from a trip empty handed?