New digs

I'm getting new digs and I'm stoked about it.  A new office............wooooohoooooo.  We've been working very hard to transform the room into my office.  New paint, new carpet, desk (coming on Saturday) and yesterday a new book shelf.  A book shelf!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it's half stocked already.  Last night I sat sifting through my books that had been boxed up and in storage for years.  I'd gone through them several times over the years; moved them back and forth from rooms to the garage and thinned.

I collected dog books for many years but after several severe household leaks with boxes and boxes of books I had to thin.  Once I'd gotten rid of the damaged books I took a good hard look at the rest of what was left.  From there I donated anything that I didn't consider re-readable.  To me that means a book that I will reference again; these are not novel type books but educational behavior and health texts.  So last night I had two boxes to go through; and once again I tossed a couple.  What I have left has had a huge impact on who I am today as far as a dog owner, trainer and behavior specialist.

My new book shelf has compartments so I divided my books into several sections.  One is for humans which at this point only contains two books.  A compartment for behavior and training related books which will easily turn into two or more sections.  Another for breed specific books.  And the last is nutritional and heath so far.  Just going through these books gave me a sense of anew; I am driven by the desire to learn more always and having my books at my finger tips is a great feeling.

I realized as I headed off to bed last night that my night table is piled high with newer dog books.  I will tackle those today; that is to say put them in their place as these are all definite keepers.  Next week will start a new chapter in my new office and I'm more than ready to get the party started.   This weekend I will be looking for two very large dog beds for the office; after all what is an office without dogs?  Especially the office of Just dogs with Sherri?