Elsa and Hank very excited about their play date.

Elsa had another play date a few days ago.  It was with a new friend, Hank.  Hank has recently joined a new family and is loving life.  He is a year old boy and so much fun for Elsa to play with.  When we first arrived Elsa heard his large bark coming from inside the house and her tail lowered.  We went around the side to get into the back yard to do our introductions.  It took all of 30 seconds for them to become best of friends.  Elsa is 18 weeks old in these pictures and growing fast.  Enjoy, they sure did.

As usual Elsa has a hard time hiding her feelings.

As confident as Elsa is she is very respectful of her elders.  This you can see with her body posture.

She pretty much loved him.

Hank doesn't mind being attacked and Elsa enjoys being the aggressor.

You can see that undocked tail is always in use.

A little snuggle break.

Just plain fun.

Everyone loves a good head chomp.