Good Sunday morning everyone; man I was up early this morning.  Before 5:00 am is early in my books; I'm actually okay with anything after that.  Tilley was the one who woke me up this morning; she was snorfling, rubbing her head, licking her feet etc. etc.  Enough that I knew it was going to wake up the baby, and it did.  So up and out before 5; too early.  It looks like a great day out; it rained all day yesterday and there is not a cloud in the sky this morning.  It feels nice and cool so I've been planning my day; lots of walks I'm thinking.

First I'll take out the old gals; it is a quiet, slow paced stroll, short and sweet as they say.  Too much and we've over done it so 1/3 - 1/2 way around the park will do.  Not sure where I'm taking Luke or Elsa; I will ponder that for a while over my second coffee.  Yesterday with the rain all day I hit Lowes; I had several things to pick up so I took Elsa along.  As I was on my way I thought of several things that I wanted to tackle; one was having her walk alongside a shopping cart.  And two was to haul out a big garbage can with her beside me.

She was amazing in the store; we'd made several Home Depot visits when she was young and it showed.  The cart thing was a bit iffy at first; she definitely does not trust cart/bike type things with wheels.  But within a minute she was trotting along by my side.  We stopped several times for people to say hello, no issues there, she adores people.  She had a couple of hmmmmmmm moments when she noticed large things that she didn't recognize but they were over quickly.

She did not like the guys rounding up the carts outside or the big flatbed carts so we watched, sat and ate.  She was fine with it all very quickly.  We also stopped at the pet store to pick up some food; she met lots of nice people there.  We talked poodles and discussed her lack of tail chopping.  It is really funny that most non poodle people do not realize that they do indeed have their tails docked.  It is a process that is done at the age of 3 days old; it's one of those things that have been done forever so many just continue.  But I am happy to say that many breeders are seeing that it is no longer necessary and stopping the procedure.

So we have a nice day in front of us; who knows what it will hold, I'll let you know how it plays out.  Have a great one yourself.