It has been just over a week now that we lost our little Jack Russell Jessie.  Whenever there is a loss or an addition to a pack; it shifts.  For us the biggest shift has been meal time; one less mouth to feed throws everyone for a loop.  Being that Jessie was absent for much of our dog life in general; it was those times when we was in attendance that there is a noticeable change.  The biggest thing is that Jessie was always fed first; the other dogs are having a time with this, especially Elsa.

Elsa is one smart cookie; she figures out how things work and likes to stick to it.  She has a difficult time veering from the norm and missing #1 during feeding time is no different.  She knew that she got her food 4th, so now she is in a slight state of confusion when I put her bowl down 3rd.  She stands, looking, hesitating and antsy.  I am trying to mix it up anyway with Elsa because of her steadfast adherence to ritual; so she will learn to be #3.

Other than feeding time there doesn't seem to be much of a change in our pack.  It is getting older and the care level is going up it seems everyday with Tilley.  For much of my day spent unpacking and organizing I can briefly forget about our loss; then suddenly I will have a panic about where Jessie is.  It only lasts a second or two until I remember, having cared for a dog for over 15.5 years makes it difficult to not have an eye out for her.  Especially in the end when Jessie spent many hours wandering; I was always going to find her.

I am sure that all of this will hit home after the hustle and bustle of the move, unpack and holidays quiet.  For now we are regrouping; getting adjusted and settling in.