You can see Luke and Elsa off in the distance, I love this shot.

NO DOGS ALLOWED, at all?  What?  Not even on a leash?  NO.  Hmmmmmmm.

Not cool; not cool at all.  Okay I understand that there are some places that dogs should not be allowed.  Busy children playgrounds, Dr. offices, nail salons etc; but open fields or parks?  Hello?

I just don't get it; I got an email from a friend the other day with pics of her walking on the beach and when I asked where her dog was she told me "no dogs allowed."  Even in the winter months?  Talking to a gentleman yesterday about local parks he explained how many of the parks have the "no dogs allowed,"  rule.  Not even on leash?  Dogs are not allowed to walk in the woods?  Really?  What are dog feet going to do that people feet don't?

I understand that there are folks out there that have ruined it for those of us who have well behaved dogs.  We pick up after our dogs and generally make sure that they are good citizens while out.  There are others who allow their dogs to run amuck, miss behave and leave their poop where it drops.  So of course those who make the rules think twice about letting dogs in at all.  But really?  The ground we walk on is not fit for our dogs?

I remember in California, going out to shoot the wildfires one day several years back and as I entered each park it amazed me that so many wild scrubby parks didn't allowed dogs on leash or off.  Really?  In this wild, open scrubby area you cannot walk your dog?  Really?  It seems that I will be running into that as well here in Connecticut.  There are always people who will break rules, take leashes off in on leash areas, take dogs where they are not allowed but to not allow them in a wild and natural park at all?  I just don't understand it and will not agree with it.

If the poop is an issue then give tickets to those who don't pick up; I am all for that and will even volunteer a day or two to do so.  I can't stand people who let their dogs drop and don't pick up.  If it is a leash issue where people are letting their dogs off when they shouldn't then ticket.  But don't stop people from enjoying the wide open spaces of the great outdoors with their dog, it's just not right.

Sure if there is a beautifully landscaped park, meticulously groomed with lavish flower gardens spread across the grounds then okay, maybe.  But wild parks?  Really?