This past weekend we watched a Jason Statham movie; during the movie both Elsa and Luke were chewing.  Luke loves to chew, he always has and when he chews he means business.  He often chews now to make a point to Elsa; he has the chew toy and she does not.  Chewing can be a loud activity; it most definitely was with Luke that movie night.  Elsa was not quite as loud but changed her chew item several times throughout the movie.  As she got up and down off the couch to find a new chew item I thought to myself "this is far better than having her wreck our stuff."

Having a basket full of toys and chews is the only way that you can allow a dog to do their much needed chewing and not have your house or stuff ruined.  I have to say that when people tell me how their dog has destroyed so much of their home it makes me shake my head in disbelief.  Yes; a thing or two being snagging and chewed on for a moment is one thing but having entire couches, table legs or pairs of shoes destroyed means that the owner of that stuff was not watching.

I simply don't allow my things to be wrecked.  I do not put everything away when we have a puppy, there are  the dangerous run by grab type things that get put away but they are very few.  Mostly the wires around the house are removed or hidden in case of a grab.  But other than that I teach my dogs what they can and cannot touch; much like I taught my children.  I do not want to raise a dog in an empty house where they do not learn to leave the people things alone.

Tilley never chewed anything but her own toys but of course that was Miss Perfect.  Luke left a few marks on the kitchen chair that he use to sleep under until he got too big.  Elsa has grabbed a sheepskin slipper several times but only had it for a moment, and socks she does grab socks.  But I have taught her to bring me socks for a reward so in the middle of making dinner I often am rewarded with a few freshly washed socks on the counter.  Elsa had not damaged one thing (knocking on wood) in the house.  There is no need for her to wreck our stuff because she has her own stuff.

So as we watched our movie she moved from a soft braided toy that she was mouthing, to a nylabone and then onto a rubber ball that she loves to squeak chew.  The more things that you give your dog of their own to wreck the better chance that they aren't going to wreck your things.  And of course; you must supervise, always supervise.  Puppies do not come pre programmed, knowing what is allowed and not allowed.  That's our job.