The Buddy System

Recently I was sent a special hands free leash called The Buddy System.  I was really excited to give it a try but thought of an even an even better test, the new running team of my hubby, Steve and Elsa.  They have recently fledged their running partnership so I asked if he'd give it a go?  He wasn't sure that this soon in their partnership that it would be good to try something different but he agreed.

It is very simple to put on, one snap just like a collar and your piece is on.  Next you hook it to your dogs harness or collar.  I prefer harnesses so this was attached to Elsa's harness and off they went.  I wasn't sure how Steve was going to feel about this new system.  But the first words out of his mouth when we met up in the park was "this is the bomb."

Being that Steve and Elsa gave it a full test I decided to ask him some questions so he could fill you in on it.

What about The Buddy System do you like best?

Steve:  Definitely the hands free aspect.  It goes without saying that this is the whole idea behind it.  I ran with Luke for over 10 years and never realized how nice it was to have both hands free for running.  The bonus part is that going up hill Elsa tends to assist me by slightly pulling.

Do you consider the system an easy use?\

Steve:  It is very easy, I just grabbed it the first time; snapped it around my waist and adjusted it.

Is this a good addition to any canine/human running team?

Steve:  It is a must have now that I have used it.  The built in bungee suspension system works great.  Elsa has on occasion lunged at lizards and rabbits; it has saved me from being pulled completely off balance.

Was this leash hard to transition from a regular leash?

Steve:  Nope.  As soon as I started running with it I knew that I was going to be using it all the time.

What are the benefits to being hands free?

Steve:  You can run with a better stride.  You can use one hand to nudge the leash left or right to keep her off to the side as you run.

Would you recommend this product to other dog folks?

Steve:  For sure.

Is there anything negative about The Buddy System?  Anything to be aware of?

Steve:  I'd like to see a slightly lighter clasp.  I use a front hitch harness on Elsa but with this device I'd like to find a side or shoulder hitch connection on it which would make it perfect.

Is this a permanent addition to your running routine?

Steve:  Yes.

Steve, are there any other comments you'd like to add about The Buddy System leash?

Steve:  One last thing I forgot to mention was that there is an easy release where you can detach it to use as a regular leash.  It snaps on and off very easily.  I tried interchanging it while I was running and it was very easy.

Also, the belt portion is pretty discrete, my t-shirt covers it so you can barely see or feel it.

I gave the leash a test of my own.  I'm not a jogger but I do love a good speed walk and when I tried it, I also loved it.  I found that it took me a while to get the "hands free" thing.  Having had a leash in my hand now for well over 30 years it was an adjustment.  But I have to say being hands free is very cool.